About OUTpsiDER

Who is OUTpsiDER? Formed of blood and bone, steel pierced flesh in anger and the OUTpsiDER was reborn. A hazardous journey through the minefields of life, dodging the flak while digging up the dirt. An abused child destined to be part of humanities struggle against all that is wrong.

He taught myself to hate. He taught my self to love, and at times He hated himself for loving. Emotionally the OUTpsiDER has been challenged and the battles were hard fought, he lost some and won some, the ones drawn are the ones that live on. The scars are visible if you look beyond the verse.

Inside the music of the world we find everybody. Inside his music you may find him....the OUTpsiDER. For he is and always will be......


The future holds nothing more than a dream of tomorrow, and when tomorrow becomes today we look forward to another tomorrow. There are no memories there, only visions, dreams, ideas.

What is the future if we cannot look to the past for guidance?
What is the past without a present in which to mould the future?
Those who live in the past we call sentimentalists, they look for the past in the present and fail to recognise it. “Nothing is the same as it once was”.
Are they living OUTpsiDE of the present? Locked out of the future.

Past heroes are our role models, past deeds are the foundations for today’s resolutions, and past conquests are used as justification for future wars.

Control of the future is paramount to ‘Their’ survival.

A giant forgets he was once a baby and crushes those who get underfoot. His lesson was learned when ‘Might is Right’ was spoon fed in the playground and enshrined in his daily constitution. It is too late now for him to learn that Might may be right.

The past has answers. History will be re-written to manipulate the present and conserve the future of a few, not to preserve the past, present or future of us all.
Will we only learn when it is too late?

Live for today, respect the past and keep an eye on the future, just in case you have to duck!

The OUTpsiDER:
His future lies with you, give him the words and he will “Go tell it on the mountain”…
Make yourselves proud to be in touch with your past, aware of the present, wary and excited about the future.

Don’t take everything for granted, ask questions
What future can justify the sacrifice of the past?